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Tulip Clothing exclusively at the Phoenix — Beautiful cotton designs that capture the spirit of spring From time to time, I like to share the stories behind some of the designers we feature in our stores. Tulip is one of my favorite clothing lines and I carry it at both Phoenix and Ruby. I love the brand not just because of their designs and the quality of the fabric, but also because it appeals to women of all ages. The designs are flirty and fun, yet wearable. The cotton is some of the best in the market and it washes easily. Tulip's designer is Michelle Alcott who happens to be the sister of our very own Katie Ukrop. Richard Anderson and Debbie Seabold, the owners of Tulip Clothing say the name "Tulip" was settled on after lots of google searching and finding a name to represent Spring since they knew spring cotton was going to be their initial direction. Richard previously worked at A People United. Debbie is his sister and had previously owned a very large retail shop in Maui where she designed her own t’s. Richard and Debbie have recently added a new division called Snapdragon and Twig. It is mostly knits and I’m sure it will be fabulous. To take care of your Tulip pieces I recommend putting them in the washing machine on gentle and then taking them out once they are finished and not a second too late. Then spend a few minutes smoothing the fabric out with your hands as if you were hand ironing it. Be sure to go along the edges with your fingernails as a finishing touch. Next, put the item into the dryer for about 5 minutes. After taking it out of the dryer spend a few minutes hand ironing again and hang to air dry. You will find that the garment after drying is ready to wear. Voila!!

The unique in-person experience you have enjoyed at the Phoenix over the years will never change. But the beauty of this new remote fashion consultation approach is that, with videoconferencing technology and without the overhead of a brick and mortar operation, we can offer you even greater value when you shop with us online..

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