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Ruby Boutique

Exciting Changes At Ruby Boutique In Richmond’s Carytown

Ruby Boutique in Richmond was named after my grandmother. She was the person who taught me about sewing, pattern making and designing. She was a big part of my growing up and I learned so much from her. She would teach me to cut patterns from newspaper while looking at a magazine photo. We would make a dress and I would wear it to school the following day. She was something else…a real spitfire.

Fast forward to March of 2020 and we were in a different world almost overnight. Business fell off the cliff, the public was afraid, and people were getting sick. I knew that in the middle of all of this that having two shops to care for was going to be too much. But Ruby had developed such a dedicated following ever the last few years that I made a decision to recreate the fun of the Ruby experience under the same roof as the Phoenix.

Over the last few weeks, Lili and I came in every day and began to create a new Ruby Boutique. The space in the back room of the Phoenix was painted and cleaned, and Ruby has now moved into her new home.

I hope many of you that have had a chance to experience the fresh looks (and lower prices) at Ruby will love this new “boutique-within-a boutique.”

When we reopen soon both of the shops will be under one roof. But Lili and Becky will be still be waiting with smiles to help you.

Our old location at 3030 Cary Street has some time left on the lease so get ready for our greatest warehouse sale ever there when we reopen. The store will be only sale and will have limited hours of operation but the selection and the prices at our warehouse store will amaze you.

I hope you will come visit us as soon as this current situation passes. Please stay in touch and all of us wish you good health.


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