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It's T Time

The T-Shirt

The t-shirt is one of the most common articles of clothing people have in their

closets. It is a classic. A white or black plain t-shirt is an essential basic for men and

women alike. It can be styled up or down, paired with blue jeans or slacks. Its

versatility is what makes the t-shirt one of the most popular articles of clothing on

the market today.

The basic T-design of the t-shirt itself has been around since the Middle Ages when

men would wear t-shaped undergarments made from woven cotton or linen. Over

the centuries these undergarments have become slimmer and more tailored to the

body. The t-shirt design that most resembles what we currently have today was

adopted in the late 19th century by the British Navy. The sailors began wearing

their flannel t-shirts, made to go under their uniforms, to work on deck, which began

the t-shirt evolution from an undershirt to outerwear.

Closely following the British, the United States Navy quickly began including a loose-

fitting flannel shirt with a square neck as part of its official uniform. In 1913 the

flannel was exchanged for cotton as it was more comfortable to wear and dried

faster, which was helpful at sea. Soon not only sailors and laborers were wearing t-

shirts but it was becoming commonplace for men to wear their cotton t-shirts as

outer garments.

Since its start in the early 19th century the t-shirt quickly evolved over time. By the

1970’s the t-shirt was closely associated with societal rebellion. Men and women

alike used it as a canvas to decorate and personalize. Messages and images which

could be of a political, graphic, or editorial nature were printed on them. These

printed t-shirts have continued to this day and are even produced by the world's top

luxury brands.

From the t-shirts humble beginning it has grown to become one of the most beloved

articles of clothing today. We now see t-shirts of varying colors, designs, and

materials sold in almost every store. With all the options available, the question has

now become which t-shirt to buy? The thickness, sheerness, softness, and color of

the t-shirt are all variables that factor into someone’s decision of what t-shirt to

purchase. While all these factors are important in the decision of choosing a t-shirt,

it can be argued that the most important factor is the quality of the t-shirt. Why buy

a t-shirt that will only last a couple wears? As we’ve seen over the decades, the t-

shirt will always be a classic item. It will never go out of style and can be worn with


A company sold in our store that values a t-shirt's quality is Michael Stars. The

company Michael Stars has been in business since 1986, and is built upon the idea of

creating effortless, enduring fashion. Around 85% of their products are made in Los

Angeles and many are made from sustainable materials. Their t-shirts are made to

last for years in order to help reduce waste. The company's most popular product is

their one-size fits all t-shirt that offers the perfect base to any ensemble. It provides

comfort, quality and value to your wardrobe. If you are looking at investing in a

quality t-shirt, Michael Stars is the brand to keep in mind.

Michael Stars t-shirts are available for sale in-store at the Phoenix.

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I enjoy reading these articles because not having majored in fashion my general knowledge concerning fashion is limited; however, through these articles I have learned much. In this post I especially liked the information about the T-Shirt and Michael Stars' company. Many times a t-shirt has to have a cool logo or it is not a viable t-shirt!

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