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Contemporary jewelry from Laurette O Neill

Las Vegas contemporary jewelry designers, Laurette O’Neil and Zygmunt, met in Tucson, AZ. Twenty years ago Laurette moved to Poland where Zygmunt was a successful jewelry designer for over twenty five years. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Warsaw. Laurette is a constant apprentice studying her craft throughout the world. The Southwest gave her the ability to handle gems and minerals while Alaska showed her how to work with fossilized walrus and explored native arts. Berlin taught her how to handle silver and 18-carat gold. In Stockholm she gained skills in titanium. The necessities of good design were introduced in Poland. Now both live in Las Vegas, NV and continuing to create innovative, handmade jewelry. They run their business, “Laurette O’Neil Jewelry”. Her main objective is to keep the design simple and clean. She says “My contemporary jewelry designs draw people in because of its pure and idyllic spirit”. “I am proud to say that all the pieces are designed and made in the United States.”


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