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Blanc from London


From its modest beginnings as a small accessories label, Shoreditch-based Bl-nk has evolved into one of the UK's most well-known brands.

Its luxe bohemian aesthetic is evidenced in its attention to both contemporary and traditional details, from textural elements to intricate beadwork.

BL^NK was established 15years ago by Husband and wife team Diana & Julien , who combined their artistic capabilities into something they could work on together .

Diana trained at the Royal college of Art and Julien as an architect.

While starting the brand, Diana has set up her factory in her home country India, with the idea to fully control how her designs were made and ensure that everyone would get a fair deal.

BL^NK factory is a member of the Sedex community (Regulator that empower ethical supply chain).

It has always been very important to us to do business in a sustainable way and respect as much the environment and the humans.

We are recycling and reusing everything we can at any time, and what we can’t is collected and treated.

We are mostly using natural or synthetic fibres to make our product. We are not using polyester as a main fabric in any of our garments since his production is highly polluting.

On the human aspects, we have been supporting our community and our employee from the start and been growing our work force on these core values.

We are constantly increasing our female employment rate by offering flexible hours and conditions that can allow them to leave home and safely come to. Employment means for them financial independence and so more power within the household.

Our entire work force in India is paid above the minimum living wage and all employees are aged above 19.

The company offers them 0% interest micro loan to help them when they are facing unexpected events or simply to help them purchasing a bike or car to get to work.

We are very proud of the traditional knowhow of our employees, in many cases have been passed on from generation to generation, and so we make sure we are preserving every aspect of it.


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