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Womens High End Fashion 

Are You Ready For To Blow Up That Little Black Dress?

The “Little Black Dress” an essential part of every womens high end fashion wardrobe. Having a simple one-piece dress to take you from work, to an informal gathering or perhaps to a more formal event makes a lot of sense. But isn’t it about time to rethink this clichéd classic?  
At The Phoenix in Carytown, we have taken the concept of the little black dress with its versatility and simple charm and transformed it into something that’s unique, sometimes controversial and often stylishly provocative. The beauty of the little black dress is that adding a handmade necklace, some fashion forward footwear or a one-of-a-kind scarf can suddenly give you a whole new look. But imagine if the one-piece dress you begin with is itself an original like the ones we carry from Runholz, Alembika or Bitte Kai Rand. Then you add a pair of knock-out shoes from Fly London, AS98 or Gabor and then top it off with a “never-seen-that-before” necklace creation from Anne Mieke. Then suddenly that simple little one-piece dress has become a passport to an entirely new look that brings out a side you that has been waiting to be discovered.
The thing that often excites us about fashion is the unexpected collision of the familiar with something unexpected. When you walk into The Phoenix or visit our online boutique, the one thing I promise you will always find is something you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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