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Women’s Clothing

What A Statement Piece For Your Wardrobe Really Means

If you love discovering classic fashion with a twist, and are looking for a statement piece that will put a spark back into your wardrobe, I have a few suggestions.
When people ask me how I come up with so many interesting styles when I go shopping for my customers at The Phoenix in Carytown, I have to say that what I’m focused on most is finding something I haven’t seen before; something that’s unique but wearable; something that is exceptional not only in its design but in the quality of how it’s made.  So I guess, every piece I bring to my customers makes a statement in a way.
This year some of the top names in women’s high-end fashion have outdone themselves by creatively blending bold new designs, comfortable fabrics and highly original motifs and colors. For example, if you look what the designers at Runholz, Alembika and Bitte Kai Rand are doing in high end fashion dresses, you can see an extraordinary change not only in the styles they offer, but also in the sensitivity to sustainability and environmental impact in the women’s clothing they produce. That’s a fashion statement of a different kind.
I have long-time customers tell me practically every day about a dress or an outfit that they bought here years ago and how much they still love wearing it. Last week, someone who has been shopping with me for almost as long as I’ve been open, told me she wore an outfit from Cut Loose she bought years ago and got so many compliments she couldn’t believe it. All she did, she told me, was add one of the really original new necklaces we carry from Anne Mieke and it was as though she had created a totally new look.
If anything makes a statement about what a statement piece should be, that statement really says it all.

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