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What's Trending In Online Fashion

As the Covid-19 pandemic surpasses the one year mark, more and more people are shopping online through multiple platforms. Throughout last year, the fashion industry has seen some major changes that will be here to stay. Here’s what you can expect to see trending in the ecommerce world of the fashion industry.

The first major trend we expect is Artificial Intelligence tools being used for different customer personalization efforts. Artificial Intelligence can be used to make sure customers don’t waste their time looking through products that are irrelevant to them. They will find products that they like, want to buy, and personalize into their customer shopping experience. Artificial Intelligence through ecommerce can include virtual assistants and virtual stylists. These virtual assistants/stylists can help with trying on different clothing pieces to see what would look good on the body. One may even virtually try on a makeup product through the camera.

The second trend we are starting to see is shopping through social media platforms such as Instagram, allowing customers to purchase products as they see them on the Instagram app. This brings the ease and convenience to customers, making their lives easier, while also producing profit for companies using this shopping feature. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, shopping from these online apps make it much easier and convenient to shop. It can be as easy as clicking directly on the Instagram post bringing you directly to the product that is in the picture.

The last trend we see more of in ecommerce fashion is the use of chatbots. Chatbots are being used as an automated messaging response system to answer almost any question you may have digitally through a text message-like service. Chatbots can be used to help customers navigate a website, offer discounts, or book an appointment. They are becoming more and more functional and personalized for companies’ customer service efforts.

As online shopping becomes more prevalent today, companies have one thing that they want to keep in mind – a personalized experience for their customers. Whether its through Artificial Intelligence, shopping through social media platforms, or chatbots, we can expect to see the online shopping experience become more and more advanced and centered around the customer experience.


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