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Don’t Walk, FLY!

FLY London is a unique brand. The designer’s continue to create original fashion items in an unexpected way. We are more than just a brand we are a lifestyle. Fly London was created in 1994 with a goal to attain modern, eclectic but timeless styling. Our innovative styling allows each customer to portray their very own individuality.

FLY London uppers are always made with quality leathers, attracting diverse age ranges and customer base. The same shoe can create a whole different look and personality based on who is wearing it and with what they chose to wear it with. FLY London shoes strive to not only be unique, but most importantly, comfortable! Yes, you can walk all day long in Fly London shoes. We strive to always be progressive, never conventional, and your number one “go to” shoe in your closet.

Fly London wedge bottoms are all about comfort. Although the classic “Y” rubber bottom that we have become known for gives you a bit of height and style, it is the 1 inch pitch that maintains the comfort for women of all ages and body types. The stable wedge bottom makes for very easy walking on all surfaces. I find it also helps support the lower back all day long. The sole is made from soft expanded “thermo” rubber and the honeycomb interior core makes it lightweight and flexible. The sole is also non marking. We try to use Velcro enclosures where possible to make putting on and off a snap.

We use quality supple leather uppers in many different grains and many times mix the materials to give the shoe an artisan, creative craftsmanship. We are at the forefront of fashion but do not compromise our quality to create any particular look. Comfort and styling as a walkable shoe is what has kept Fly London growing in the US and now 57 other countries as well.

In 2013 Fly London was written up in the New York Times Travel section as the best shoes to wear when traveling. The comfort alone is one selling point but the uniqueness allows a customer to wear all day while sightseeing then to a dressed up evening. We pride ourselves in being functional as well as fashionable. Ever changing, ever developing is our slogan. Our customers ultimately are our best advertising. Just ask anybody who owns a pair.

Our leather Uppers:

Mousse Leather – shows natural grain and has a gloss to it.

Cuoido Leather- nubuck brushed leather

Damani Leather- supple patent leather

Borgogna Leather- Pearlized metallic leather

Touch Leather- Smooth flatter tone very supple leather

Rug Leather- Oiled grain leather

Oil Suede leather- oil infused sueded leather

Fly London product is made in Euro -whole sizes only. There is no perfect way to know what the best size is for each customer. Different materials fit differently and the styling to the upper can also affect the fit.

1. The product looks better on a foot than on the shelf. You will be amazed at how flattering it makes your feet look.

2. Sometimes the product looks heavy and may feel heavy on the foot. But walk around in the store and feel how light weight it is when walking.

3. Is the the wedge is too high? Put both the left and right shoe on your feet and stand up. There is only a 1 inch pitch. Draw a line with your finger from the platform across to show that the pitch is only 1 inch. You will appreciate the sturdiness as soon as you stand up with both shoes on.

4. Not liking anything wrapped around the ankle? We hear this ALL THE TIME. Get it on the foot... is all it takes. The ankle strap holds the shoe on securely and does not make the ankles or legs look large.

5. You will love the padded leather insole. It cushions the foot as soon as you stand up.

6. You will be astonished that you can wear a fashion forward style and make it your own! You are elated when you wear it anywhere… to a book club meeting, grocery store, soccer field, all day shopping , and out to your favorite restaurant and get stopped and complimented on your shoes.


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