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Dressing the Mind..

So much of what we see in the mirror when we are trying on clothing comes from stories we tell ourselves or stories we were told growing up. If you were overweight as a child and called chubby or fatty then that sticks with you in adulthood. You will wear those glasses of the past for a long time. For over 43 years I have been dressing women of all ages and body types and I am constantly amazed and saddened at what i hear from them as they step from behind the curtain. There have been only a handful of women who have championed their look and said hey "I look good". I marvel at their response, see how happy and vibrant they are, and wish I could bottle that self love as an add on with purchase. Most of them say "look at these fat arms" or "I wish I had longer legs" or "I am so overweight that nothing looks good on me". Sound familiar? Yes, these are sayings I too have repeated to myself. But now as I write this blog and start what i hope will be a journey with you about my experience in the fashion world, I am determined to overcome that voice in my head, and help other women to do the same. A friend of mine suggested I call this "dressing the mind" and it fit immediately. I hope you will start to share your thoughts and feelings with me as we go along this journey of dressing our minds and bodies.

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"Dressing the Mind" what a novel idea and so true!

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