Our Story

Roni Rabl Inc is the story of a mother and a daughter, providing unique novelty clothes to stores across the US, serving well over 500 stores nation-wide. Roni Rabl is about looking fabulous with no age or weight restriction. It is all about making a woman feel good about herself. Fabrics play an important part in making it happen. Supple and full of luster or three dimensional looks go hand in hand with innovative and forward design. Alembika is one of the lines that we love the most from this dynamic duo.

“My mother, Roni, started the company back in 1982 in Israel.

She had her own line that she exported by herself to Europe.

She used to travel with her samples in a car, by herself, for miles at a time to show her collection to European wholesalers. she took me with her on a few trips.

This is how she started and how our journey together started .

She used to tell me to just watch her and learn. I did !:)

She taught me everything I know. Especially how to survive in hard times and how to listen to my own voice when I