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43 years in Business on 8/1/20

OH MY.......what a year and what a ride!.

As i sit here and think about the years gone by i am so grateful for getting to do what i have loved for so long.

Each day is different, challenging, and exciting. Who will walk through the door, what new shipments will arrive, and how can i make things better are all thoughts that go through my mind. Should i continue on with brick and mortar that i have known and is comfortable, or should I go online and try to build another way of commerce for myself and my customers? I prefer in person and interacting with customers but in the pandemic world this is sometimes hard. Working on the phone, creating pick boxes, doing face time or texting photos are all ways to connect so please reach out if we can help in any of these ways.

As a celebration of 43 years we will be having sales of different items each week in the shop both in Phoenix and in Ruby. It will last for the entire month of August and will change weekly so please tune into Facebook or Instagram or read our weekly updated emails.


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