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High End Fashion Boutique

Personal shopping at it's best.

Personal customer service is hard to find these days. If you are shopping in a high end fashion boutique then you expect high end fashion customer service. Online buying and some boutique store's lack of trained personnel has forced us to ask what happened to personal customer attention? At the Phoenix we take great care when helping our customers. We get to know you and then gather items that we feel will suit your style. Many times after i give a suggestion to someone they will shrug and say "Hmmmm...not sure if I like that" . After some encouragement they try the item on and with delight come out of the dressing room with "I love this and I would never have tried it on if you had not picked this out for me!.Thanks so much"

When they return the next time they will ask me to select items that i think would work for them and i normally pick out most of what they end up trying on. I then help them make wise choices at  the register so that what they purchase is both practical and adds to their existing wardrobe. 

It is personal shopping at it's best.

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